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"Eli & Whoever" - One Shot R.

               I casually walked down a hall in Degrassi in search of one person. I saw my target, and thankfully he greeted me first “hey there” he smirked at me. “Hey” I greeted back and handed him a packet he had loaned me. “Don’t you have that English exam tomorrow?” he asked curiously raising an eyebrow, while simultaneously grabbing the packet. I nodded “yea, but it’s a long shot if I pass it”. He handed back the packet “well, I could help you study tonight, if you want”. I smiled and felt my face slightly heat up, but I played it off “alright then, Professor Goldsworthy” I laughed and continued “text me when we can meet up” feeling completely accomplished. He smirked before saying “will do”.

                I watched the clock, and it moved painfully slow. I squirmed in my seat contemplating whether it was just a study date or a date with the infamous Eli Goldsworthy. The lunch bell rang and I quickly scanned the entrance of my high school and found Adam, one of my closest friends here at Degrassi. I sat in the empty stop across from him and smiled deviously. He laughed “what now?” he asked already aware who it was about. “Guess who asked me to study tonight?” I whispered hoping no one would hear me. Adam straightened himself out and asked almost shocked “wow, did he really?” I frowned slightly “is it really that much of a shocker?” He looked down “it’s just that after him and Clare broke up he wasn’t the same”. I paused “oh my god, you’re right” I internally thought how I could have ever thought my best friend, Eli, would be interested in me, especially since he just broke up with Clare, his other half, his soul mate. “I guess it is just a study date” I admitted to Adam. He nodded and just then I came up with a great idea “doesn’t mean I can’t show him what he’s missing out on”. Adam raised both eyebrows “what are you talking about?” I laughed and said “just meet me at my house after school, you’re going to help me with something”. The last bell finally rang and I met Adam near my locker. “Ready?” I asked and he simply nodded, just then Eli walked past me and smiled “see you tonight”. Yes Eli I will see you tonight.

                When Adam and I arrived at my house we ran straight upstairs and I began to tear my room up. I put on a floral sundress that rested about upper mid-thigh and hugged my curves accenting them in the perfect way. I grabbed a cardigan and put it on top and walked out. Adam’s jaw dropped “wow” he stammered “I didn’t… wow!” I laughed and looked in the mirror and just then my phone vibrated and it was a text from him; hey I’ll pick you up in about 10 minutes, we can study at the dot. I smirked and closed my phone and finished up everything in 5 minutes. “Okay Adam, last look over, do I look good?” I asked him and he just nodded completely mesmerized. Perfect. I laughed and then started to push Adam out the door “you really need to leave, like now” and he complied and told me to call him after our ‘study’ date to tell him what went down. About 2 minutes after Adam left, Eli knocked eagerly at my door. My plan was about to take action. I opened the door and got the reaction I was expecting. Eli’s jaw was on the ground and he stumbled on his words “WOW! You look really great!” I laughed and walked out my door and walked down the stairs. Eli was right where I left him “are you coming?” I asked him and he just smirked, but this time his smirk had different intentions.

                Two hours of painful studying began to break my spirit and just then Eli stood and up “let’s get out of here” he asked mischievously. I laughed and said “it’s pouring outside” but followed him to his car anyway. We drove around for about 10 minutes, and now the rain was falling hard, and I was already semi-soaked from the walk into his car from the dot. He parked and got out “follow me,” he said whispering “and be really quiet”. I giggled softly and tip-toed into his house making as little sound as possible, while dripping wet. As we walked into his room he turned on some music, music I didn’t recognized, but I highly enjoyed it. “Eli, you know the many times that I’ve been here, I’ve never quiet noticed how cool you’re room actually is” I mentioned to him. He laughed and threw a towel and a one of his tee-shirts at me. He looked at me and I looked at him before saying “well turn around! I’m not changing right in front of you!” He frowned playfully and turned around. I take the cardigan and dress, and placed them on the ground, now I made an attempt to unclasp my soaked bra but it was stuck in my hair, another perfect chance. “Eli! I really need your help right now” and he turned around and gasped, I gave myself a pat on the back. “Wh- what do you need?” he asked me and I pointed to my bra “I need you to untangle my hair from my bra clasp please”. I heard him gulp hard before saying “yea, sure”.  He softly touched my back and untangled my hair, then traced his finger down my back. I got goose bumps and shuttered a little bit before saying “thanks” and giggling. My bra plopped on the ground and I slipped his shirt on and lay on his bed. Eli turned around and lay next to me. I looked up at him and I felt myself slowly leaning toward him, just then he sat up and suggested we watch a movie. I wasn’t taking this so I sat up and looked at him “or we could do this” and I softly kissed him. He put his arms around me and pulled me really close and began to kiss me harder and harder. We moved toward the middle of the bed and I pulled his shirt off and I traced his finely defined abdominal muscles. He kissed me even harder and nipped on my bottom lip. His tongue slipped in and we chase each others for a bit before he moved to my neck, softly biting it. His hands were rested on my hips, pulled close, and I could feel him growing against my pelvis. I whimpered and quickly pulled his belt off, along with his pants and started grinding against him. He smirked at me as he teasingly pulled my panties off and played with me. I bite my lip and arched my back as he inserted one finger and moved slowly. I was losing my breath and gasped for air begging “harder, harder” He speed up, put another finger inside of me, and I just about lost it. I stripped off my shirt, and pulled down him pants.

                As he pulled his fingers out of me, he sucked in the middle of my belly button and hip. He was already wet, but now it was a mixture of water and sweat. I grabbed the back of his hair and pulled his face to mine. He smirked once more, and finally began his way inside of me. I bite my lip hard and he chuckled. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this” I whispered to him. He kissed me softly and said “I know how you feel” and he inserted himself all the way in. We moved rhythmically, and I felt myself shuttering from sheer pleasure. He moved so fast it was hard to keep up. I felt myself climaxing and about to release. I dug my nails into his back and moaned, loudly. He bit his lip, and I felt him ride out his climax. He was still inside me when we stopped. He was hovering over me, breathing really hard, his hair stuck to him. I felt myself fall back into his bed and lay there, also breathing hard. He came out of me and lay next to me. He kissed me softly on the forehead, and pulled me onto his chest. I lay there, and thought mission accomplished, and softly drifted into bliss sleep.

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getting sexy in the gym with Darcy and Manny


getting sexy in the gym with Darcy and Manny


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I can not wait for part two!
Amazing and I couldn't stop laughing!

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OMG I loved that munro/Thomas story, please update soon!<3


Munro/Thomas story Part 1 posted!

It’s based at Luke’s sweet sixteen party.
Not sure how far I’m going to take it or how much of Thomas will be in it but give me your suggestions, and please review!

"The Party Scene" (Munro & Thomas) Part 1 - PG13

"Hey!" I heard someone shout at me over the music. I turned around and smirked, containing my excitement. "Hey." I replied nonchalantly as I took his hand and stepped down off a box I was standing trying to look for my friend, Michelle. "What we’re you doing?" He asked, now that I was on solid ground. He was just a little bit taller than me. "Looking for my friend, but its cool." I gave him a small smile. "Oh, okay. Well I was wondering if you wanted to come sit with us." He pointed up to a table where a few boys were sitting at, watching. "Sure." He turned leading me to the table and pulled out a chair for me. "Thanks" I told him while staring directly into his eyes. "No-no problem" he replied staring back. "Ahem" someone coughed and we broke eye contact. "Hey, I’m Luke" one of the boys reached out and shook my hand. I knew exactly who they all were, why else would I be here but I played it cool. "Hi, Happy Birthday. This is some party." I said shaking his hand and looking around. He’s cute but I’m 19 and this is his sixteenth birthday party. "So yeah, this is Luke, obviously. And this is Sam, AJ, and my brother Thomas." Munro pointed and they each smiled and waved. Thomas is cute, but not quite like Munro. Actually, all the boys at this table are good looking but there’s really only one I was after but why not have a little fun with the boys of Degrassi, I thought to myself.

Just then my phone viberated and I pulled it out from my clevage. Some of the boys eyes went big and some of them mumbled under their breath. “Hello?” I asked rolling my eyes, it was Michelle.. Who always manages to get lost. “Abbey, where are you?” She yelled over the music. “VIP balcony” I answered as I looked over the ralling to my side. “How the fuck did you manage that?” She asked as I spotted her in the crowd. “Look up” I answered and she saw me and smiled. I looked at Munro and back at Michelle. “Oh, hold on. I’ll get her.” He got up and left for the stairs. “Munro is on his way to get you, don’t let him get mobbed by fangirls, will ya?” I said to her. “Munro? Munro Chambers is coming to find me? Abbey, how do you do these things?” I laughed and hung up the phone. No question that the rest of the boys had heard every word and were wondering just what “these things” really means. “So” I smirked and batted my eyelashes at Luke. “So, your name is Abbey?” He asked. “Abbigal, Abbey for short” I told him just as Munro and Michelle walked in. “Hey” I scooted over in my seat and Michelle said down next to me. “I can get another chair…” Munro offered but I waved it off. “No thanks, were good.” I smiled at him. He sat back down and Michelle pressed her face to mine and whispered “what are you up to?” in my ear. “Just go along with it.” I whispered back. The boys were watching our every move so I pushed the hair out of her face as I put my lips up to her ear and whispered “it’ll be fun” as I watched them watch me from the corner of my eyes. “Guys, this is Michelle!” I introduced her to the group and they all smiled and waved again. “You boys allowed to dance?” I spoke up as the music got louder. I grabbed Michelle and pulled her with me down the stairs to the dance-floor. I was wearing a small black dress that hugged my body and poofed out a little bit below my hips and came down to about mid-thigh. Michelle’s dress was purple and bubbled up a little below mid-thigh. I twirled her and whispered “get dirty” as she twirled me back. I held her hand above my head as I “got low” and came back up. She had her hands on my hips and we rocked back and forth to the music. I bent forward and snapped back up rolling my body against hers. We laughed as the boys stood next to us watching, jaws dropped. “Who do I get?” She asked quietly. “Anyone, except Munro. He’s mine.” I winked and we split apart. I walked up to Munro and took his hand, pulling him closer to me. I looked over and saw Michelle dancing with Thomas. Thomas winked at his brother and Munro smirked. I laughed at the two. Good pick, Chelle. I gave her my look of approval and started dancing. Munro was behind me with his chest to my back and his hands on my hips. I grinded into him as we moved with the beat. I wasn’t surprised that his moves were good, I knew the Chambers boys could dance. Everyone was watching us. I could feel girls buring holes into me with their eyes. I twirled around as Munro swung me and landed against him. “They’re all watching, you know?” He told me. “Let ‘em” I replied and he smiled. “I can feel them, the hundreds of girls burning holes of jealously into my skin with their eyes.” He laughed at my joke. “If I wanted to be dancing with them, then I would be.” He winked at me. “Then let’s make them even more jealous.” I smirked as I slid down his front, bringing my hands with me and snapped back up. “Think it work?” I asked as he placed his hands back at my hips as we swung with the music. He looked side to side without moving his head. “Yup, it worked.” And we both smiled. Two more songs went by and we decided to head back to the balcony. “So where’d you learn to dance like that?” Munro asked me as he handed me a drink and sat down next to me on the couch. “I used to be a dancer, its how I met Michelle, actually. Six years ago.” I said looking over the railing at Chelle and Thomas still going at it on the dancefloor. “What about you?” I asked looking back at him. “Oh well, Thomas taught me most of it. He actually took lessons though so he’s way better at it.” He answered. “Yeah, Michelle still dances.” We were both watching them. “Why don’t you anymore?” He asked sincerely turning to face me. “I pushed my body too hard and damaged my spine.” I said looking down, picturing the big scar on my back. “Oh, wow. I’m sorry.” He answered. I look back up at him. “Its okay.” I smiled and took a sip of my drink.

Michelle and Thomas walked in and plopped down on the couch across from us. “That was fun” Chelle said. “Yeah” Thomas agree. They were both short of breath. Munro and I looked at each other and laughed. “What?” They both asked us at the same time and we all laughed. “Want a drink?” Thomas asked Mitchelle and she nodded yes as he got up and went to get them drinks. “What are you two doing?” Michelle asked. “Talking” we both replied and laughed again. Chelle smiled and Thomas was back with their drinks. “Thanks” she smiled at him as he handed the drink to her. “Not a bad party, eh?” Thomas smirked and raised his eyebrows at Munro and Munro laughed “nah, its really good.” He answered smiling. A few minutes later Luke came over. “Hey man, we gotta go “mingle” with the fans a little.” He told Munro patting him on the chest. “Thomas, you don’t have to come but I’m sure they’d like it.” Luke said as he walked out the room. “I better go and say hi, I’ll be back soon.” He smiled and got up. “Okay.” I replied. “Thomas, you coming?” He turned to his brother. “Yeah, sure. Let the girls have their girl time.” He smiled at us as they both laughed and left the room.

"You like him?" Chelle asked me as soon as they were out of ear-shot. "Yeah, he’s really cute and very charming." I blushed. "What about you?" I asked Chelle. "Yeah, he’s dances, he’s hot, and he’s sweet." We both giggled quietly while watching over the balcony as the boys met with their fans. "I don’t know how we ended up like this." Chelle stated. "Like what?" I asked looking at her. "Up here, while everyone’s down there." I laughed. "Chelle, its a matter of believing you can do something and making it happen. I wanted to have fun tonight, and now look." I looked around the VIP area. "Did yóu think you were gonna make friends with the cast?" She asked me. "No, not really. I thought I could probably talk to them, maybe flirt a little. I didn’t expect Munro to invite me to their table but he did." I smiled. We watched the crowd for awhile before going to get another drink. "Thanks for always including me, Abbs." Michelle said to me. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. "Always, Chelle." I placed a kiss to her cheek. "What do we have here? Sam Earle said as he, Luke, Munro and Thomas entered the room. We separated and laughed. "Girl talk" I said to Sam and sat back down next Munro. He placed his arm around my shoulders and I smiled at him when he looked at me. "Girl talk, eh?" He smirked at me. "Yup, girl talk." I smirked back. "About what?" Thomas asked and Chelle and I both laughed. "It wouldn’t be girl talk if we told you." Chelle said to Thomas and he made a pouty face at her. “Fine, you really wanna know?” I spoke up. “Yeah” Thomas said in triumph. I looked at Munro and he shrugged with a smile on his face. I bit my lip. “We were just wondering, who was the better kisser…” Chelle laughed and I winked at her. Thomas looked at me “man, I thought it was gonna be juicer!” he laughed. Munro had a look on his face. “What’s that face for?” I asked turning toward him. “Nothing”. He smirked. “Not uh, its not ‘nothing’, what is it?” I asked fully facing him. “I was just wondering what the answer to your question would be.” I blushed “Oh”. He moved closer “wanna find out?” I looked at him and bit my lip. “How?” I asked. “Sam times us for one minute, and whichever girl is more flushed, whoever they were kissing, wins.” I laughed at his game he had all planned out. “Okay.” I said as I licked my lips watching him form a smile. “You guys down?” I turned to Michelle and Thomas. Michelle blushed and said “okay”. Thomas raised his eyebrows and nodded like he had already won. I turned to Munro, “I must warn you though, I’ve kissed a lot more boys than Chelle has.” Munro smirked. “Doesn’t matter.” He replied. “She really has, though.” Chelle told him and he shrugged it off. “Winner, wins. Doesn’t matter.” He smiled at his brother. “Sam?” He faced Sam and Sam set his watch. Munro watched my lips as I took the bottom one between my teeth. I could feel my blood already rushing. “Go.” Sam said and Munro was on top of me with his lips pressed to mine. I closed my eyes and kissed back. I parted my lips and his tongue slipped in playing chase with mine. He kissed me harder and I kissed back as hard as I could. “Stop!” Sam yelled and the minute was up, and I was out of breath. I laid their with my chest heaving up and down. I opened my eyes and smiled. It was the longest and shortest minute of my life. I wanted more. “Looks like I win.” Munro said leaning over me. I turned my head to face Michelle who was smiling at Thomas but still breathing normal. I laughed. “Guess so.” I breathed out and Thomas shrugged it off, “whatever, bro.” They laughed and I sat up fixing my dress. “Let’s go dance.” Thomas lead Michelle out of the room and we were alone. I looked at Munro and we both smiled. Two seconds later our lips came crashing together and I brought my hands to his face pulling him in closer. We were kissing so hard I could feel my lips swelling underneath his but I didn’t care. I straddled him and my dress rose up. He placed his hands on the back of my exposed thighs. I sucked on his bottom lip and pulled it between my teeth. He ran his hands up my sides and over my shoulders. He pushed back my hair and started to suck on my neck. I moaned in pleasure as Luke walked in. “Whoa.” His eyes got big and we quickly broke apart. I fixed my dress and hair. “Don’t mind me.” He smirked and I blushed looking at Munro. Luke left and we both laughed. “That was embarrassing.” I said and Munro wrapped an arm around my waist. “He’s cool. Don’t worry.” I laughed and rested my head on his shoulder.



I found Eli’s true love.

I wish I was that sandwich.


I found Eli’s true love.


I wish I was that sandwich.

Holly J. & Sav??

ah. i almost forgot about sav…

i’ll definitely do a sav post.
not sure about holly j and sav but maybe!